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Pet Eye Exam and Testing

Veterinary ophthalmology allows our staff to better diagnose and treat conditions of the eye including cataracts, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, uveitis, and glaucoma. They also provide treatment for traumatic eye injuries. As pets age, they can suffer from vision loss. If you notice any changes in your pet’s eye, or if any trauma occurs, please bring your pet in for an exam and consultation as soon as possible.

We also offer cherry eye / prolapsed gland surgeries, eyelid correction surgeries, tonometry(eye pressure checks) and mass removal from eyelids.

Unfortunately, our pets can’t express themselves when experiencing an issue with their eyes. However, there are plenty of symptoms and factors that are identifiable. Examples include corneal damage, cataracts, glaucoma, and more.

Standard Pet Eye Exam

An ophthalmic test carefully assesses your pet’s eyes and the encompassing tissues. The test might be performed by your veterinarian or a veterinary ophthalmologist (an eye-care trained professional). Our test is harmless and easy for your pet, so try not to worry about how your pet will react.

Your pet will get some eye drops to numb the eye. A tonometer is then utilized, an instrument that actions the tension inside the eye (it tests for glaucoma). The ophthalmologist then analyzes the front of the eye, taking a gander at the eyelids, cornea, iris, and focal point. The back of the eye is more complex, with the vet shining a beam of light through the pupil to see the back

Pet Eye Exam and Testing FAQ

Yes, a vet can check a dog’s eyesight. Priorities straight, resist the urge to panic. A significant number of these side effects are minor and could heal. Our team performs an eye test for your pet’s yearly checkup, allowing us to note any changes over the years.

Top Eye Problems for Dogs

  • Corneal damage.
  • Dry Eye
  • Pink Eye
  • Eyelid Mass
  • Cataracts
  • Glaucoma
  • Cherry Eye
  • Entropion
  • Pugs
  • Shih Tzus
  • Bulldogs
  • American Cocker Spaniel
  • Labrador and Golden Retrievers
  • Entropion and Great Danes

Signs that your pet is losing their visual perception are self-evident. Your pet could walk into walls or furniture or experience difficulty finding their food or toys. Furthermore, your pet could quit looking you directly in the eyes. Common symptoms of vision problems include:

  • Bumping into things
  • Overcast eyes
  • Cross-peered toward look
  • Staining or redness of the eye
  • Unnecessary or shaded release
  • Film over the eye
  • Wounds to the eye

Some studies suggest that some food sources suit a dog’s eyesight. Examples include carrots and cantaloupe, which reinforce a canine’s vision and decrease the possibility of cataracts. If vision is already gone, there aren’t many options to restore eyesight, though surgeries are developing

OFA Eye Certification tests are screening assessments performed by board-guaranteed veterinary ophthalmologists. It recognizes changes inside the eye(s), suggesting the presence of one or more diseases that affects vision and the eye

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