Your Local Vet Clinic and Animal Hospital
4213 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton AB

4213 Calgary Trail NW

Edmonton AB, T6J 5P4

(587) 557-2210

Your Local Vet Clinic and Animal Hospital

Emergency Surgeries In Pets

If this is an emergency please call Gateway Vet Clinic and transport your pet as safely as possible

Call us or your local veterinarian rather than attempting to seek or obtain advice online. If you are unable to talk to you family veterinarian, call your closest emergency hospital and clearly explain the situation. Ensure to call ahead to prepare them for your arrival.

Gateway Veterinary Centre is a full-service canine and feline hospital in the heart of South Edmonton. Please call or text us below to schedule an appointment

Common Emergency Pet Surgeries

Gateway Vet Clinic is located on Gateway Blvd, right off the Whitemud drive. We offer routine and emergency surgery. Most common emergency pet surgeries are related to illness or trauma. 

Top Reasons for Urgent Emergency Surgery

  1. Urinary Obstruction
  2. Blunt Force Trauma
  3. Ingested Foreign Objects
  4. ACL ruptures
  5. Internal Bleeding
  6. Tumor Removal
  7. Malignant Skin Tumors
  8. Attacks from other dogs/animals
  9. Pyometra

Signs to Watch For That Require Immediate Attention

  1. Choking or difficulty breathing.
  2. Eye Injuries
  3. Inability to urinate or pain urinating. 
  4. Heat Stroke or Heat Stress
  5. Refusing to drink or eat
  6. Seizures or staggering intestinal tract
  7. Vomiting or diarrhea for 24 hours or more
  8. Bleeding or blood in urine or cough

What happens during Emergency Pet Surgery

Emergency vet procedures operate differently than regular surgery or a visit to the vet. Make sure to call first. This gives the vet clinic adequate time to prepare before your arrival.  

Emergency Surgery Equipment

Animal Vets use much of the same high tech equipment that you would find in a human hospital. Emergency care equipment includes: 

  1. Blood Transfusions
  2. MRI and CT Scans
  3. Endoscopy
  4. Oxygen or Nasal Tubes
  5. ECG Monitors
  6. Specialized surgical equipment
  7. Pulse Oximeters

Hours of Operation

MONDAY: 10 am to 6pm
TUESDAY: 8 am to 9pm
WEDNESDAY: 8 am to 9pm
THURDSDAY: 8am to 9pm
FRIDAY: 8am to 9pm
SATURDAY: 10am to 8pm
SUNDAY: 10am to 8pm

Call Us

If you are concerned for the well-being of your pet please give as a call or visit us on Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton.  Any concern about your pet’s health should be followed up with a call to your veterinarian. 

Gateway vet centre and emergency vet clinic was established with an aim to serve our Edmonton pet community and provide honest, reliable and independent advice that is evidence-based. We are open late and open 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We accept walk-ins normally. (Right now we appreciate if you call us ahead due to COVID restrictions.) 

Gary Vet

Gateway Veterinary Centre is a full-service canine and feline hospital in the heart of South Edmonton. Our newly-built veterinary clinic is easily accessible by Whitemud Drive, Gateway Boulevard and Calgary Trail. We are located next to LA Fitness and CIBC Bank.

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