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What To Know As A First Time Dog Owner

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Being a first time dog owner is a moment of excitement and happiness that every person should experience. Dogs are a significant part of our lives, with most people considering their dog an extension of their family. Still, as marvelous as dogs are, it can be overwhelming for most to raise a dog.

After all, there is a lot of responsibility when it comes to raising a dog. Regardless, there is plenty of information available online and from others about raising a dog. With this in mind, below will highlight a few essential tips to know if you plan on adopting a dog. Let’s take a look!

10 Tips For Being A First Time Dog Owner

While plenty of affection and essential nutrients are a vital part of puppy ownership, it’s additionally essential to not forget how your new four-legged pal will affect your home and lifestyle. Nevertheless, these ten tips will assist you with starting your new lifestyle as a dog proprietor. Let’s get started!

1. Train Your Dog Early

You don’t need to wait until your canine is six months old before you begin training them to sit, come, stay, and stroll on a leash. Likewise, make time in training new-to-you grownup dogs, too. The time you take to begin the traces of verbal exchange will benefit you both for years to come.

Training is a crucial step of being a dog owner, and the better trained your dog is, the better both of your lives will be. As a first time dog owner, you don’t have to overstep the training to the point where it becomes a chore. Just do a simple enough job to teach your dog the basics of using the bathroom, staying, following you, and more.

2. Know How to Train Your Dog Properly

When educating your dog, always use voice instructions and visible cues. Never turn to hit your dog as a way to train them to obey—hitting your dog will only make your dog more difficult to train. Using voice instructions and high-quality rewards will assist you in teaching your dog fast and efficiently.

As great as starting training your dog, none of it matters if you aren’t doing it correctly. Feel to reach out to any of our vets for advice on how you can train your dogs at home. Be sure to turn to online resources for more information on the matter.

3. You Don’t Have to Adopt A Puppy

Just because this is your first dog doesn’t mean you need to undertake a puppy. There is plenty of grownup and senior puppies looking for love. Most of these older dogs can be the ideal canine for you too!

Take the time to take into account your lifestyle, hobby levels, and endurance ahead of adopting. Likewise, study what breeds will shape your life fine and undertake accordingly.

4. Pet Proof Your Home

Pet proofing is a crucial step in the pet adoption process. Ensure your dog can’t get to any wires, sneakers, remotes, plants, or food. Non-pet-owners forget about doing this since it never crossed their mind beforehand. Regardless, there are plenty of household items that can cause potential threats, so be aware.

5. Socialize Your Dog

Not socializing your dog young can cause them to be quite hostile toward others, especially humans. Allow your dog to interact with as much as they can at a young age, including other people, animals, and places. Doing so will allow your dog not to be afraid of new people, other animals, and settings.

If you’ve ever experienced a cranky dog, understand it’s not their fault. Most dogs who have this issue result from them not being social enough at a younger age. Socialization should coincide with being trained, but many 1st time pet owners forget about this element. Don’t just leave your dog alone; figure out how you can socialize your dog when you can.

6. Bad Habits Are Common

Whenever someone adopts a dog, they tend to freak out whenever their new dog does something wrong. Understand that bad habits such as getting into food or having an accident are common. Just realize that these bad habits are easy to start and hard to stop. Do what you can to ensure the horrible habit ends as soon as you can.

7. Understand Your Commitment

Adopting a pet is a life-long commitment. There’s a reason most dog owners consider their dog a part of their family. It’s very natural and easy to grow a close relationship with your dog, so make sure you know what you’re getting involved with. This is especially true for first-time dog owners. As your pet ages, your dog will need you, so ensure you’re there for them when they need you.

8. Your Dog’s Physical Health is Important

As obvious as it may sound, your dog’s physical health is essential. You need to be aware of any potential threat in your living space, especially regarding allergies. Always have a vet for your dog since you never know when a health issue might randomly come up.

9. Your Dog’s Mental Health is Important

Similar to your dog’s physical health, their mental health is equally imperative. Always spend time with your dog and do activities that make them happy. If your dog is locked up all day with nothing to do, their mental health will suffer. Do what you can to keep them happy and entertained.

10. Keep Your Dog Groomed and Nourished

A happy dog is a dog that’s groomed and nourished. Even if you spend a great deal of time with your dog, none of that matters if they’re not groomed or appropriately fed. Speak to your dog’s vet to determine the perfect grooming and food schedule. Stick to it and make adjustments as needed.

Want to Learn More About Being A First Time Dog Owner?

Hopefully, these tips gave you enough information to prepare you mentally and physically as a first time dog owner. Nevertheless, visit or contact us at Gateway Veterinary Centre to learn more about raising a dog, especially if you’re new to the world.

We’re a locally owned veterinary clinic that provides the latest, independent, and fair advice regarding your pet’s needs. We are open seven days a week and look forward to hearing from you!

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