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The Importance of Pet Dental Cleaning

Pet Dental Cleaning

Pet dental cleaning is an essential part of keeping up with the health of your pet. Not fully understanding the danger of dental disease can significantly hinder your pet’s lifespan. Thankfully, there are many ways to treat your pet’s oral health adequately. Examples include dental cleaning services, at-home treatments, and changing their diet.

Below will take a look at the importance of staying on top of your pet’s oral hygiene. We’ll discuss what dental disease is, how you can improve your pet’s hygiene and the benefits of doing so. Afterward, we’ll mention our services for those interested in an Edmonton vet. Let’s take a look!

What is Dental Disease?

Dental disease is one of the most common diseases vets encounter in any animal. Having good oral health is an essential part of overall health for any pet. Good oral hygiene will prevent pain, make their breath fresher, and improve their overall quality of life. Some evidence suggests that it extends the average pet lifespan as well.

According to a study from AAHA, dental X-rays found 27.8% of dogs and 41.7% of cats had diseased teeth with teeth that appeared normal to the naked eye. In pets with abnormal-looking teeth, veterinarians found diseased teeth in 50% of dogs and 53% of cats. Dental disease also tends to affect animals early in their lives and isn’t something to only worry about as they age.

How Do You Improve Pet Oral Hygiene?

The good news is you can take actionable steps to improve your pet’s oral hygiene. However, if neglected for too long, the only viable option may be surgery. The best way to address the issue is to bring your pet to a vet and see what experts recommend as the most effective course of action.

Whatever the advice is, be sure to follow through with the plan as soon as you can. If you’re worried about having enough money for it, express your concern with the vet. Many vets, including us, will be more than happy to discuss payment plans and other options with you.

Pet Dental Cleaning Service

The most effective way to treat your pet’s teeth is to go with a dental cleaning service from a vet. A vet will take x-rays and examine your pet’s teeth. Afterward, the vet will remove tartar and plaque to prevent them from losing their teeth and eliminating bad breath.

About Gateway Veterinary Centre’s Dental Cleaning Services:

Our dental cleaning service understands that pets require regular dental care to remove tartar and plaque to prevent losing their teeth and eliminate bad breath. During a routine visit at our hospital, our veterinarians give advice about routine dental hygiene of pets and everything you’ll need to know moving forward.

Brushing Teeth

As humans, we tend to think of treating our teeth by brushing our teeth. Pets should also have their teeth brushed, especially dogs and cats. Plenty of companies offer pet toothbrushes and toothpaste that can be used as part of their natural routine for keeping their teeth healthy.

Ensure you don’t use a human toothbrush and toothpaste since it can damage your pet’s teeth. If you’re confused about which product is best for your pet’s teeth, don’t be afraid to reach out to a vet. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have and what products are most applicable for your pet.

Dental Treats

Besides brushing your pet’s teeth, dental treats are a great way to give your pet a good cleaning without physically brushing their teeth. This option is best for pets who have a hard time dealing with the feeling of getting their teeth brushed. Dental treats are most common for cats and dogs.

Avoid Products that Cause Teeth Issues

The last point to highlight when discussing your pet’s teeth is to avoid products that cause teeth issues. As much as your dog may like a dog treat, too many dog treats are bad for their overall health, including their oral health. Be mindful of what you’re feeding them and having them play with and how it affects their oral health.

Benefits of Pet Dental Cleaning

The main reason anyone should consider bringing their pet to a vet to get their teeth cleaned is the vast number of benefits tied to it. Although we already discussed the danger of dental disease for pets, there are a few other points to consider. Examples include promoting their health, benefitting their mood, and making it easier for them to eat.

Promotes Better Health

Hygiene is important with any animal, especially when discussing teeth and oral health. A pet who receives good dental care, as well as a dental cleaning service, will have a much better quality of life. Imagine never taking care of your teeth and how much that’d affect your life. Apply that to your pet as well.

Easier to Eat

Not eating correctly is the number one way for a pet to experience a wide selection of health issues. Teeth issues are some of the most frequent reasons why a pet is having trouble eating. Addressing that ailment can make it easier for your pet to eat, in return making their life easier.

Where Can I Find Pet Dental Cleaning Services in Edmonton?

If your pet has a foul breath or requires a pet dental cleaning service, please book a dental consultation with us at Gateway Veterinary Centre. We can evaluate your pet’s mouth, advise you accordingly, and offer payment plans. Please get in touch if you need more advice regarding specific products, services, or anything your pet needs!

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