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Pet Medical Consultations

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Pet medical consultations are vital to a pet’s longevity and health. Individualized well-being care is the groundwork of our pet well-being program at Gateway Vet Centre. Exhaustive veterinary tests and preventive considerations can identify severe medical issues early and provide quick and legitimate solutions.

A yearly or semi-yearly test is prescribed to evaluate your pet’s state of being, survey risk factors for infection, and address immunization needs. We understand the importance of a pet-vet relationship and any questions related to medical consultations. Contact us today to get started!

What is a Pet Medical Consultation?

Pet medical consultations allow veterinary specialists to talk about different parts of preventive medication and recognize and oversee new and continuous medical conditions. A typical pet medical consultation should take no longer than an hour as we look over your pet and address any questions you may have.

Whether it’s your first visit or you’ve been going to use it for years, we’re here to care for your pet in every way possible. Don’t be afraid to address any questions or concerns you may have. Asking and addressing these issues will benefit the consultation and ensure your pet is living their best life.

What a Pet Consultation Includes

A pet consultation will begin with any questions or concerns you have. The vet will then look over your pet’s heart and lungs. Our team will examine your canine or feline’s skin from there for issues like dryness, parasites, or knots. We’ll check their eyes for redness, darkness, eyelid issues, excessive tearing, or release. Lastly, we’ll address any tests or vaccinations your pet may need.


For an ideal vet consultation, a decent relationship, the correct inquiries and replies, tuning in, and criticism is significant. It also matters if the veterinarian explains any discoveries and treatment, so the client understands what the vet finds. It’s pointless if you don’t understand what the vet is saying.

Every vet varies in how much they charge for a yearly consultation, averaging around $100. Keep in mind that payment plans and pet insurance exist for a reason. You don’t have to worry about these costs and can continue bringing your pet whenever an appointment arises.

Yes, consider a pet medical consultation as a doctor’s appointment for your pet. Appointments like this are the primary way to prevent potential illnesses and diseases from your pet. It’s also a way to ask questions or address any concerns you may have.

Gateway vet centre and emergency vet clinic was established with an aim to serve our Edmonton pet community and provide honest, reliable and independent advice that is evidence-based. We are open late and open 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We accept walk-ins normally. (Right now we appreciate if you call us ahead due to COVID restrictions.) 

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Gateway Veterinary Centre is a full-service canine and feline hospital in the heart of South Edmonton. Our newly-built veterinary clinic is easily accessible by Whitemud Drive, Gateway Boulevard and Calgary Trail. We are located next to LA Fitness and CIBC Bank.

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