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Lost Pets Edmonton – What to Do If Your Pet is Missing

Lost Pets in Edmonton

Lost pets Edmonton solutions are imperative to know if you’re a pet owner in the great city of Edmonton. You never know when an issue might arise, prompting you to seek help to find your pet. The truth is, pets go missing. It’s ideal to be ready for the worst-case scenario rather than wait around for disaster.

Thankfully, Edmonton offers several excellent services and solutions in case your pet goes missing. Don’t panic; if your pet is missing right now, has a history of going missing, or you’re worried about the matter, keep reading ahead. We’re going to discuss steps to find your lost pet, what to do if you find a stray pet, keeping your pet safe, and much more. Let’s take a look!

Steps to Find Your Lost Pet

If your pet is missing, don’t freak out. Lost pets Edmonton resources outline how stressful and terrifying it can be to know your pet is gone. However, if you can follow the steps below to find your lost pet, you’ll have a better chance of getting them back safely.

Check with Local Animal Control and Shelter – We’ll have links to the City of Edmonton’s Animal Care & Control Centre below. Pets are often found and brought to shelters, especially if they don’t have their tag on.

Look Near Your Home – Pets aren’t stupid, meaning many of them will stay near your home if they get out. Reach out to neighbours, the mail carrier, and other people around where you live. Checking hiding spots such as garages, decks, porches, and sheds are common areas for pets to hide. Also, take a flashlight with you to search under cars, yards, bushes, and alleys.

Create a Lost Pet Post – The internet age has made creating a lost pet post very easy. Websites such as PawBoost and Kijiji are great for finding and sharing information about lost pets. You can also share these websites on your social media, including lost and found pet groups.

Put Up Lost Pet Posters – Besides going with the internet solution, the real-world answer of putting up lost pet posters can work great too. There are plenty of lost pet poster services online, including one from PawBoost.

Just complete the information as needed, and make sure you have the best possible photo of your pet. Print the poster and post it to as many street posts as and other areas around your neighbourhood. Remember to remove the posters after your pet is found.

Other Steps to Follow

Ensure Pet is Wearing a Collar With Up-to-Date Identification Information – Strangers typically find lost pets before their owner gets to them. Having up-to-date information on their collar will make it easier for the stranger to get your phone number and contact you directly.

It prevents your pet from being brought to a shelter or clinic, but make sure you keep the information updated. On the off chance that your pet doesn’t have a collar before they go missing, don’t worry. You can still find your pet.

Set Up A Space to Welcome Your Pet Home – Pets sometimes go missing because they’re bored. Consider leaving out fresh food and water on your porch or in a sheltered area. Setting up a friendly space like this might entice your pet to get back home, especially if the weather is harsh. Check for more information on lost pets Edmonton groups.

Tips for Lost Dogs

Dogs typically run away and get lost because of a scent, they’re panicking, or a gate was open. Dogs love to roam, making it very common for your dog to be in the neighbourhood near you.

Points to Consider

Weather – Bad weather will prevent your dog from being too far away.

Terrain – Residential areas make it more challenging for dogs to travel further compared to rural settings.

Your Dog’s Temperament – People are more likely to approach a friendly dog than an aggressive one. If your dog is friendly, it’s common for a stranger to approach them.

Population – Lower populated areas make it more difficult to find your dog near where you live. The more people in your town, the higher likelihood it is to find your dog.

Tips for Lost Cats

Cats are an even more significant challenge to find than a missing dog because of their size and ability to hide. Follow the steps below to help increase your odds of finding your cat.

Cats Meow – Cats meow when they are missing and don’t know what to do. Even if your cat doesn’t meow much, listen closely for any meows while searching.

Thoroughly Check House – Cats can hide in places we never thought was possible. Make sure you check everywhere in or around your house, especially if your cat is an outdoor kitty. Some outdoor cats don’t return home right away because of an incident outside.

Offer Reward For Lost Cat – It’s widespread for cats to hide, making it ideal for offering a reward. Put a lost cat sign on your law and light poles with a brief description.

Bring A Group to Search – Even if you have a close relationship with your cat, cats tend to run away when they’re missing. Bring a group with you to search, so you have a higher likelihood of catching your cat.

What to Do if You Find a Stray Pet

If you found a stray pet, make sure you follow the proper steps to get them back to their owner. Every pet is different, so make sure you’re gentle and careful with them before moving ahead.


1. Check if the cat has a collar with an ID. Contact the information if it’s available.

2. Check around the neighbourhood to see if anyone is missing a cat.

3. Create a found cat posting online with social media, PawBoost, and Kijiji.

4. Put up found cat posters around the neighbourhood.

5. Take the cat to a vet to see if they have a microchip.


1. Don’t chase or try to catch the dog.

2. If the dog is friendly, check the collar for ID to contact.

3. Check around the neighbourhood to see if anyone is missing a dog.

4. Create a found dog posting online with social media, PawBoost, and Kijiji.

5. Put up found dog posters around the neighbourhood.

6. Take the dog to a vet to see if they have a microchip

7. Call your local animal control

Want to Know More About Lost Pets Edmonton Information?

Lost pets Edmonton solutions are available for you at all times. Nevertheless, visit or contact us at Gateway Veterinary Center for emergency services or help with your lost pet.

Gateway Veterinary Centre is a locally owned veterinary clinic that provides the latest, independent, and fair advice regarding your pet’s needs. We are open seven days a week and are here for whatever your pet needs!

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