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4213 Calgary Trail NW

Edmonton AB, T6J 5P4

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Your Local Vet Clinic and Animal Hospital

Lost and Found Pets

If you have found a lost pet, please check out some of the links below to help them reunite them with their family. Most veterinary clinics  including us can scan for a microchip these days, and some animals may have tattoos (the link takes you to a tattoo database) as well.

Within the Edmonton city limits, please contact ACCC for lost pets. Click here for the official City Of Edmonton page for lost pets including a searchable database of lost pets. This page is very thorough and regularly updated.

If you lost or found a pet outside of City of Edmontonclick here for Edmonton Humane Society.

If you encounter injured wildlife, please contact Wild North for drop off points or to ask for help.

Some unofficial social media pages are quite active as well. Click here for Edmonton Lost Pets Facebook page.

Please contact us if you have more questions. We will be happy to help you.

You can read more about lost pets in Edmonton or check out our blog for more info including our Halloween safety tips for pets

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