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How to Tell If Your Dog Needs a Vet Visit

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There is no better feeling in the world than raising and caring for a dog. Whether it’s an entire family or an individual raising the dog, it’s an immaculate feeling that brings a great deal of joy to every person involved. Still, there is a lot of worry attached to raising a dog, especially when bringing them to a vet.

Oftentimes, dog owners have a challenging time knowing if something is wrong with their dogs. Generally speaking, a dog will try to hide what’s affecting them, even it’s a severe issue. With this in mind, we’re going to discuss how to tell if your dog needs a vet visit.

Remember, there are a lot of reasons why your dog might need to visit the vet. This is just a solid list for you to be mindful of while you care for your dog. Also, be sure not to overreact since dogs may briefly experience any of these ailments for no particular reason. Let’s take a look!

Unusual Behavior

The most common sign a dog needs to visit the vet is when they display unusual behavior. Unusual behavior is a broad term used to reference a change in behavior for animals. This can be anything from a dog being more aggressive than usual to being extremely timid if they’re usually outgoing.

It’s challenging to pinpoint precisely what unusual behavior means. Still, when referencing dogs and how they act, you should be able to tell if something is up. Once you get in the flow of raising your dog, you begin to pick up on their habits. If they’re acting odd for a few days, bring them to the vet to see what’s up.

Wincing or Crying

Although many connect wincing or crying with humans, it’s equally as prevalent with dogs. Dogs certainly wince and cry when they miss their human owner or don’t get their way, but if they’re crying for no apparent reason, there might be something more severe at hand. This tends to be the case when they don’t stop crying for a long time.

Again, make sure you don’t confuse extreme crying with a usual wincing of missing you or wanting affection. Dogs do this a lot, especially very vocal creatures. It’s challenging to describe via text, but you should be able to tell the difference between a dog being upset and being in pain.

Skin Changes

Just like humans, dogs experience a slew of skin changes for many reasons. More often than not, these skin changes can result from poor grooming or an allergic reaction to a shampoo. Still, some skin changes are because of more severe reasons, such as fleas or ticks.

A good rule of thumb is to take a close examination of your dog’s skin every week or so. Doing this will give you an idea of what their skin should look like and anything you can do to help their skin. Be sure to listen to their vet for any advice in the matter.

Change in Eating Habits

When discussing dogs and what they eat, it’s improbable for a dog to change eating habits. Dogs tend to develop how much they eat or want food-wise early on. Some are more demanding for food, while other dogs need much less for their daily food intake.

Regardless, if a dog decidedly stops eating when they’re known for eating a lot or vice-versa, it might be worthwhile to bring your dog to the vet. Sometimes dogs just need a food change to help them with their new eating habit. Still, it’s worthwhile to bring them to the vet to ensure everything is okay.

Lack of Energy

Usually, when someone thinks of a sick person, that sickness tends to coincide with a lack of energy. The same thing can be said with dogs since they tend to display a state of lethargy when something is wrong. Now, if you just went on a massive walk with your dog, they more than likely will be tired, so know the difference between just being tired and a lack of energy.

Vomiting or Changes in Stool

Furthering the notion of describing a person when they’re sick, vomiting and changes in stool is a common ailment of a sick person. Vomiting and changes in stool are also common ailments when a dog is sick. Keep in mind; dogs sometimes puke from overeating or eating something they shouldn’t.

Difficulty Breathing

Difficulty breathing is a sign of being aware of more severe issues with your dog. Obviously, if you just went on a big hike with your dog, they may have difficulty breathing just like someone has after completing a 5K. Pay attention to your dog’s breathing patterns and if they don’t improve, bring them to a vet.

Poor Balance

Although not as familiar with dogs, if it does happen, usually it’s a sign something severe is up. Now, it could be something relatively minor, like a bit of dehydration, but you never know. Bring your dog to a vet and see what’s wrong.

Where Can I Find a Vet in Edmonton?

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable Edmonton Vet, be sure to visit Gateway Veterinary Centre, a locally owned veterinary clinic that provides the latest, independent, and fair advice regarding your pet’s needs. We are open seven days a week and are here for whatever your pet needs!

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