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How to Adopt a Stray Cat

How to Adopt a Stray Cat

If you’ve noticed a cat wandering around your house, you may feel tempted to bring them into your home. Plenty of families, couples, and people adopt stray cats, making them a natural part of the family. However, it’s vital for people to properly know what to do with a stray cat after they bring them into their homes.

It’s more than opening your doors to the cat, considering there’s a lot that could be wrong health-wise or a change of environment for your new kitty. Thus, below will discuss everything you’ll need to know. We’ll highlight the adoption process, the definition of stray cats, and more.

What is a Stray Cat?

A wild feline or a stray cat is an unowned homegrown feline that lives outside and evades human reach. It typically doesn’t like to be dealt with or contacted and stays away from people. However, that’s not to say the average stray is unfriendly.

Many cat owners have gotten their cat because the cat was a one-time stray. For whatever reason, the cat could show up at their doorstep, and the rest is history. Still, as cute as any stray is, it’s vital for the potential cat owner to know what to do throughout the matter.

How to Adopt a Stray Cat

Taking in a lost feline is an extraordinary method for embracing another pet that doesn’t have a home. However, before you take on the pet as your own, there are a few points to be aware of throughout the situation. Below will discuss the steps you should take as soon as you notice a stray you want to adopt.

1. Ensure They’re No One Else’s Cat

First and foremost, you must ensure the stray is no one else’s cat. Many people fail to neglect this part, accidentally taking a cat from their home. Begin by checking the cat for a collar and any information regarding a potential owner. You can check online or around your neighborhood for lost pets forums if they don’t have a collar.

If nothing comes up, you most likely can adopt the cat. Also, ensure there isn’t anyone falsely claiming to be the cat’s owner. Although it’s not common, someone might see the cat and want to be the owner, giving you false information about being the cat’s owner. You can read more about lots pets in Edmonton on where to check online.

2. Bring them to your Local Edmonton Vet

After you check the cat for a collar and lost pet forums, you can bring them to the vet. The vet’s portion is the most critical point throughout the process. The vet will check the cat for any required cat vaccinations they may need, including a general checkup for their bloodwork and overall well-being.

In the end, the vet will recommend what’s needed to get the stray fully healthy, depending on the cat. Some strays are okay and won’t require more than a few shots and a transition into their new home. Others may be sicker and need a lot more done for their well-being.

Lastly, have the vet check if the cat is spayed or neutered. Most strays aren’t, meaning you’ll need to get the cat spayed or neutered, as many pet owners do. It’ll help their overall behavior and prevent potential pregnancies with other cats. The operation is pretty straightforward and not expensive.

3. Round Up Supplies

Throughout the vet process, the vet will give you a list of recommended supplies for your pet. Even if you’ve been a pet owner, knowing what you’ll need for a stray is vital. Sometimes a stray requires food, certain toys to feel at home or medicine. A lot comes down to the supplies when bringing in a stray.

Once you get the needed supplies, feel free to look up cat toys or other optional products that can enhance your cat’s life. Most strays have a challenging life, so do what you can to enhance their life. Many cat forums and discussions can help you recommend what you should get for your pet.

4. Prepare Other Pets

As great as bringing a pet in, you need to prepare all the other pets being affected. It’s vital for your new cat’s sake and all other pets. You also must ensure that your other pets are okay around another cat. If they are, you’re okay to introduce them to one another slowly.

On the contrary, if your pets don’t get along with cats for whatever reason, you most likely won’t be able to bring the stray in. If that’s the case, see if there are any other family members or friends who will take the stray. If you take the stray in, ensure the cat visits the vet for any health checks or shots before interacting with your other pets.

5. Budget Expenses

It’s straightforward to look at a cute cat who needs a home but realize you must think about it logistically. Most of that logistics comes down to your budget. Can you afford your cat’s medical, food, bathroom, and entertainment costs? If the answer is no to the matter, then you shouldn’t take the cat in for both of your good.

6. Be Patient

The last point to make with a stray is patience. Many strays take a long time to acclimate to their new home, especially if they had a challenging life beforehand. Slowly introduce your new kitty to the home and do what you can to make them feel comfortable. Always address any medical concerns first and see what’s possible to get your cat okay with their new home. Our vet clinic for cats in Edmonton will also highlight tips and recommendations for you throughout the process.

Need a Vet in Edmonton? Visit Gateway Veterinary Centre

If you’ve recently found a stray in Edmonton and require a vet, visit us at Gateway Veterinary Centre. We’re open seven days a week and offer varying services to benefit your newly found kitty. Don’t hesitate to call; you never know what health issues your cat has and what health services they require.

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