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Halloween Safety Tips For Pets – Why Halloween Safety Matters For Pets

Halloween Safety tips for pets

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in Canada, making it necessary for pet owners to know some essential Halloween safety tips for pets. As great as it is to enjoy any holiday, your world can turn upside down at any point with your pet’s overall safety. You never know what your pet might get into, feel, or do during a busy time of year like Halloween.

Nevertheless, below will take a close look at keeping your pet safe for Halloween. We’ll discuss stashing treats, watching decorations, keeping wires out of reach, being careful with costumes, keeping them calm, and other information. We’ll conclude with plenty of other vital points to know, so read on and let’s take a look!

Stash The Treats

The immense joy of Halloween has to do with candy. Even if you’re not a big fan of candy, you more than likely know a kid who loves nothing more than chow down on some sweet snacks. Popular Halloween treats can vary greatly, but unfortunately, most of these treats are toxic to pets.

For example, chocolate is extremely dangerous to cats and dogs in practically every form. Any sugar- candy can cause severe health issues, mainly due to the toxicity of sugar substitutes. If your pet has eaten anything toxic, make sure you immediately call their vet or the Pet Poison Hotline at (855) 764-7661.

Watch Decorations

Watching your pet around treats is obvious for Halloween safety tips for pets, whereas watching your decorations might not be. Although carving a pumpkin can be quite the experience and fun, pets can easily knock the pumpkin over and cause a fire. Always pay attention to the potential hazard of jack-o-lanterns around your pets.

Younger pets or more curious pets also risk being burnt from a candle or jack-o-lantern flame. Be careful with how your pets react to decorations. Popular Halloween plants can also cause stomach discomfort if your pet randomly eats them. The rule is to make sure you place the decorations in places your pets can’t get to and pay attention.

Keep Wires Out Of Reach

Besides the broad notion of watching your decorations, make sure you keep any sort of wire out of reach. Cats and dogs love nothing more than to nibble on small objects like a wire. Whether the wire is connected to an electrical component or not, all wires are harmful regardless.

Keeping chewable parts like a wire out of reach will keep your decorations intact without having to worry about your pet getting injured. Now, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun celebrating the holiday. Just don’t be careless with how you place your decorations and other moving parts for the experience.

Be Careful With Costumes

There are two main points to think of while discussing costumes with pets. First, be aware of what you choose to wear for Halloween and how your pet will react. If you look too out of the ordinary, your pet may have a bad reaction and potentially run away. If your pet scares easily, be aware in that regard.

The second point has to do with dressing your pet up. Virtually every vet and professional recommends you not put your pet in a costume unless they love it. If your pet is acting odd or uncomfortable, immediately take their costume off. A good rule is to find a costume that doesn’t limit your pet’s movement, ability to breathe or communicate.

Keep Pets Calm

Halloween is overstimulating for many people, which can translate to pets too. Most people love nothing more than to get together for Halloween without realizing how scary and stressful it is for pets. Even social dogs and cats are anxious when there are too many unrecognizable faces around.

Keeping your pet calm is crucial for the holiday, which you can do by keeping them in a separate room. Also, be aware of trick or treaters so that the constant noise doesn’t upset your pet during those peak hours. If your dog or cat gets too scared, they may try to dart outside, so be aware of those situations.

Keep Pets Identifiable

Since Halloween is such an overwhelming experience for pets, it’s widespread for them to go missing. Although it’s a complete accident and no pet means to run away in that regard, it can happen. As a result, always ensure your pet has the proper identification on their collar. Microchips are also great for finding a lost pet.

Halloween Risks With Pets

As great as it is to know about crucial Halloween safety tips for pets, it’s equally as valuable to understand Halloween risks with pets. After all, the tips are only available in that sense due to the risks of the Holiday. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the key risks:

Choke Hazards

Pets love to get into their surroundings, and Halloween decorations make it easy for them to choke. Do what you can to ensure the decorations are away and not in a spot where your pet can gnaw at it. Keep it fun but remember that you have pets to look after.


As mentioned, there are plenty of Halloween treats and snacks that are extremely deadly to pets. Be aware of candy and any other Halloween snacks. Don’t leave the snacks lying about, especially if your pet has a habit of eating whatever is around.

Pet Anxiety

Just like humans, pets can get anxiety, making it an important point to highlight with Halloween safety tips for pets. Pet anxiety tends to occur from external factors such as loud noises, commotion, or being in situations they’re not familiar with. Take the time to ensure your pet is okay, especially if you’re throwing a Halloween party.

Want to Learn More About Halloween Safety Tips For Pets?

Halloween safety tips for pets are great to know if you’re a pet owner. Nevertheless, visit or contact us at Gateway Veterinary Centre to learn more about Halloween pet safety.

We’re a locally owned veterinary clinic that provides the latest, independent, and fair advice regarding your pet’s needs. We are open seven days a week and look forward to hearing from you!

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