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Five Pet-Friendly Places in Edmonton

Five Pet-Friendly Places

There are many pet-friendly places in Edmonton, despite what you might think. As significant as the city is, Edmonton understands how great pets are and why it’s valuable to be a pet-friendly city. There’s more to getting a pet than keeping them locked in your house with nothing to do.

Nevertheless, below will discuss five pet-friendly spots in Edmonton, ranging from a tequila par to a traditional dog park. We’ll discuss some bits about each place, including what you can expect from the establishment. Rather than conclude, we’ll highlight our general FAQ related to the subject.

1. El Cortez Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar

El Cortez is a popular Mexican restaurant and tequila bar that presents an assortment of delightful eats. Dogs are to go with you at one of their pet-accommodating outside tables while you partake in your feast.

Get going with a mixed drink and their extensive appetizers of Pozole with onion, new garlic, blended peppers, hominy, chicken broth, marinated chicken, new radish cuts, and more. Then, chow down on the Battered Pescado Tacos with broiled battered white fish, house mix slaw, roasted pineapple mint salsa, and avocado crema.

2. Doggy Style Deli

Doggy Style Deli is a restaurant specifically meant for dogs. The menu features food for dogs, ranging from meat dishes to dog-friendly treats. It’s an establishment meant for bringing your “best friend” for a well-deserved treat, with a menu that lets you change it from the usual treat.

Besides food, Doggy Style Deli provides grooming, raw food, and essential products such as toys and leashes. You can eat with your dog in the restaurant, but at the moment, you have to bring your food. The menu is meant for dogs, making it a unique experience for dog owners to try.

3. Café Bicyclette

Bistro Bicyclette is an excellent French restaurant in the core of Edmonton’s French Quarter. This counter-serve restaurant offers espresso, baked goods, and exemplary French plates. Canines can go to open-air tables while you partake in your feast.

The café is a great place to have delicious food, including French Canadian specialties. There is full service on the patio, where you can get coffee, beer, wine, and other beverages. It’s in a significant part of town and is worth exploring with your furry buddy.

4. Rock Jungle Boulders Downtown

Usually, when you think of dog-friendly places, a rock climbing gym isn’t what comes to mind. Rock Jungle Boulders features a sizeable indoor bouldering facility in Canada, with 6500 square feet of bouldering to explore. There’s also a kilter board, training equipment, and the Dirtbag Café!

The café is dog-friendly and features coffee, smoothies, snacks, and craft beer. What more could you want? Consider stopping by if you need a workout or a snack and want to bring your dog somewhere. There are many places to bring your dog in the city, and Rock Jungle Boulders Downtown is a must-visit.

5. Sea Change Brewing Co

Why would you bring your dog to a brewery? Dogs don’t drink beer? Well, why wouldn’t you want to enjoy a craft beer while outside with your best friend? Sea Change Brewing Co is a casual, dog-friendly brewpub where you can enjoy a beer with your dog at an outdoor table.

The brewery focuses on diverse, natural beers and excellent service. Considering how popular breweries have gotten, it’s nice to see a brewery be dog-friendly. It makes the establishment stick out from the oversaturated brewery area. Besides beer, the brewery offers a few light snacks.


Where can I bring my pet in Edmonton?

There are many pet-friendly spots throughout Edmonton. The ideal way to know where you can bring your pet is to look up “pet friendly” before the subject you’re keen on. From that point onward, you should get a rundown wherever you can bring your pet. Examples include:

  • Parks
  • Cat Cafes
  • Dog Parks
  • Apple Farms
  • Dog-Friendly Cafes
  • Dog-Friendly Breweries

Are pets allowed in Edmonton mall?

As a rule, malls don’t allow customers to bring pets into their establishments. However extraordinary pets may be, it’s dangerous for the pet and individuals in the shopping center. The Edmonton mall is the same, where dogs are only allowed if the dog is helping an individual with a disability.

What businesses allow Dogs in Edmonton?

Similar to looking up where you can bring your pet in Edmonton, the same is said with what businesses allow dogs in Edmonton. All you have to do is type the business keyword (i.e., the business type) with dog friendly before it. After you type it in, you should get a list of what you’re looking for. Examples include:

  • Crock A Doodle Canmore
  • Mut Hut Pet Edmonton
  • Whyte Avenue
  • Sea Change Brewing Company
  • Café Bicyclette
  • El Cortez Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar

Dog-Friendly Patios and Markets

Edmonton understands the beauty of an outdoor patio in a restaurant setting. It’s a way to enjoy your food while the weather is nice and blossoming. There are many dog-friendly patios and markets throughout the city, all of which offer varying services to explore. Examples include:

  • Biera
  • Baijiu
  • Alley Kat Brewing Co
  • Out of Bounds Restaurant
  • Say Uncle
  • Dogpatch Bistro
  • Southwest Edmonton Farmers’ Market

Pet-Friendly Places in Edmonton Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our analysis of pet-friendly places in Edmonton. Considering the sheer amount of things to do in the city, it’s nice to know there’s more to life with your pet than keeping them locked in your house. If you’re unsure where to bring your pet, look online to learn more.

You can also contact us at Gateway Veterinary Centre for our vet services and places to bring your buddy. We’re open seven days a week all year round and pride ourselves on increasing our pets’ quality of life. No matter what your question might be, contact us today to learn more.

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