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Emergency Vet Edmonton – Why Emergency Services Are Important For Your Pet

Emergency Vet Edmonton – Why Emergency Services Are Important For Your Pet

Caring for a pet can be challenging, especially if you live in a city like Edmonton. Finding the right emergency vet Edmonton service is a critical part of raising a pet. Unfortunately, not many pet owners know what to do in a pet emergency, the types of pet emergencies, what to expect, why you should go, and more.

Down below will discuss everything you need to know about emergency services for your pet, including the top emergency vet clinics in Edmonton. Remember that it’s better to be prepared in these types of situations. You never know when an issue might arise with your pet.

What to do in a Pet Emergency Situation

Pet emergencies can occur at any point with any pet. You have the most significant challenge addressed as long as you have a reliable vet to go to in an emergency setting. Next comes the part of knowing what to do in the situation to ensure your pet is okay.

The first thing to do in an emergency is to stay calm and address the problem. Examine your pet to see what’s wrong, but don’t overreact, so you don’t freak your pet out more. Immediately call the vet, calm your pet down, and get them safely to the vet.

  • Stay Calm
  • Assess the Problem
  • Respond As Much As Possible at Home
  • Call the Vet or an Emergency Vet
  • Calm Your Pet As Much As Possible
  • Ask Someone to Help if Possible
  • Load Your Pet Into Their Crate Into Your Vehicle
  • Drive to the Vet (Or Public Transport)

Types of Pet Emergencies

Besides knowing what to do in a pet emergency, knowing what an emergency is essential. Bringing your pet to the emergency vet doesn’t just fall under a specific category since it can represent many examples. Below are a few key examples to be mindful of with the matter:

1. Bleeding

Bleeding is the most prevalent emergency for pets since many pet owners think they can do first aid at home. If bleeding lasts more than five minutes or is severe, the vet needs to examine the pet. Fur can also hide a more significant issue with your pet, meaning they might need stitches to heal without a further issue.

2. Inability to Toilet

Unlike humans, pets can’t naturally tell someone if they have pain urinating or are unable to go to the bathroom. Either way, if you find your pet isn’t going to the bathroom and appears in pain, make sure you bring them to the vet. Animals tend not to express pain, so be mindful of how emergency vet Edmonton services can help your pet.

3. Choking and Difficulty Breathing

Similar to people, it’s never ideal to wait around if your pet can’t breathe. Although learning animal CPR can help keep your pet safe, it’s best to bring them to a vet for emergency care. Even if you successfully gave your pet CPR, the vet can further assess the situation to ensure everything is okay.

4. Eye Injury

Eye injuries can occur for several reasons, especially since animals’ eyes are built differently than ours. If your pet appears to have an eye injury, there might be internal damage close to the brain. Regardless, a vet can save your pet from further harm, examining the injury closely.

5. Eating Poison

Many pet owners are oblivious to what they feed their pets. Pets can’t eat the same things we can. Although most pet owners understand that cleaning supplies and chemicals are harmful to pets, multivitamins, chocolate, grapes, and countless other examples are also poisonous.

6. Seizures

Seizures are the biggest reason to bring your pet to the vet immediately. Staggering can also categorize as a seizure for your pet. Seizures indicate an issue with your pet’s brain, meaning your pet will need immediate help. A vet can assess the issue, run tests, and find out how to help your pet in the long run.

7. Broken Bones

Pets can be very mischievous and outgoing, leading to potentially devastating bone injuries. If you notice your pet displaying a leg issue, it’s never a good idea to allow your pet to heal without seeing a vet first. The vet can examine your pet and rule whether your pet needs surgery.

8. Heat Stroke

If you live in a warmer climate, it’s very easy for your pet to have a heat stroke. Pet heat strokes have symptoms of panting excessively, dark or bright red gums. dry tongue, staggering, stupor or seizures, and bloody diarrhea or vomiting. Remember to keep your pet cool and have a water bowl full.

9. Severe Vomiting/Diarrhea

Severe vomiting and diarrhea may not seem like a significant issue at first, but never wait these out for your pet. Vomiting and diarrhea can cause dehydration and death quickly for your pet. The vet can determine what’s causing this reaction and what the proper solution is moving forward.

10. Unconsciousness

Unconsciousness is difficult for many pet owners to realize since they can confuse it for them sleeping. If your pet can’t wake up right away from sleeping, contact a vet as soon as you can. Your pet might have gone unconscious for a plethora of reasons, which the vet can diagnose and aid.

Top Emergency Vet Clinics in Edmonton

Emergency vet Edmonton services may be confusing for most pet owners who live in or around Edmonton. After all, there are plenty of vets to choose from in the city, some much better than others. No pet owner wants to bring their pet to a vet only to find out the vet is only in it for the money.

Quality of care is vital, especially in emergency pet situations. If a vet only cares about how much they can bill you, you won’t receive the best care for your pet. Nevertheless, down below will list five of the best emergency vet clinics in Edmonton for you to consider.

1. Gateway Veterinary Centre

Gateway Veterinary Centre is a locally owned vet clinic and always will be. You can count on us to provide the latest, independent and fair advice regarding your pet’s needs. We are open seven days a week, and our veterinarians are not paid a commission-based fee.

Our team strives to provide you with the latest evidence-based knowledge, from vaccinations to surgical interventions. If it’s not published in a peer-reviewed journal, we do not recommend it.

Community service is at the heart of our mission, and we believe in helping out people and animals in need.

Address – 4213 Calgary Trail NW Edmonton AB

Phone Number – 587-557-2210

Hours of Operation – Monday to Friday 8 am – 9 pm | Weekends 10 am – 8 pm

2. Edmonton West Animal Hospital & Spay/Neuter Centre

Edmonton West Animal Hospital features a licensed vet team experienced in all types of conditions and treatments. The team prepares to diagnose, treat, and medicate as needed. Their vets are incredibly knowledgeable in veterinary healthcare and are happy to treat your beloved cat or dog.

The vet welcomes you to stop by for a tour of their hospital and experience the clean and comfortable atmosphere. The entire staff keeps their clinic as relaxing as possible to provide their patients with a soothing environment to help them remain calm and happy.

Address – 9962 170 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5T 5L5, Canada

Phone Number – 780-488-0124

Hours of Operation – Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 10 pm

Sat, Sun & Holidays: 9 am – 6 pm

3. Mercy Animal Hospital

Mercy Animal Hospital takes care and shows your pets love so they can love you. The vet knows how valuable your pet is to you, highlighting how pets are members of your family. When the team cares for your pet, you know they care for you. Mercy Animal Hospital’s goal is always to put both you and your furry family members first.

The vet constantly strives for excellence in their veterinarian practice. Mercy Animal Hospital strives to be the best it can be, creating value in everything they do. The team is proactive and entrepreneurial, propelled by a sense of urgency, competitiveness, and total dedication to results.

Address – 15825 97 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5X 0C7, Canada

Phone Number – 780-406-1400

Hours of Operation – Monday – Friday: 8am – 9pm

Saturday: 8am – 6pm

Sunday: Closed

4. VCA Canada Guardian Veterinary Centre

VCA Canada Guardian’s goal is to provide compassionate, knowledgeable care. Whether your pet requires emergency care or needs referral to one of their board-certified specialists, their team is here to ensure the smallest members of your family are taken care of.

With a 24/7 emergency service, VCA Canada Guardian is available at all times for when your pet needs help. You never know when a pet might come up, requiring you to rush them to get care immediately. Don’t take the chance and be ready for when the worst can happen.

Address – 5620 99 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 1V2, Canada

Phone Number – 780-436-5880

Hours of Operation – Monday – Sunday: Open 24 hours

5. Pulse Veterinary Specialists & Emergency

Pulse Veterinary Specialists & Emergency understand their role in the veterinary community. As a referral and emergency service, Pulse operates to provide veterinary care that compliments the services provided by your practice. The vet’s focus is to work synergistically with your team and consistently operate in a professional and collegial manner.

Pulse is a privately-owned practice and has an open-door policy with their referring veterinarians. The vet encourages feedback to allow themselves to adapt their approach to reach their goals. With 24-hour emergency services, you’ll rest knowing you can get your pet help at any moment.

Address – 450 Ordze Rd #320, Sherwood Park, AB T8B 0C5, Canada

Phone Number – 780-570-9999

Hours of Operation – Monday – Sunday: Open 24 hours

What to expect when you get to an emergency vet centre?

Once you arrive at an emergency vet centre, you will see plenty of other people and pets in the waiting room. Go to the counter, tell the staff why you’re there, and wait your turn. Depending on the severity of your pet, you may be rushed along or will sit in the waiting room to fill out paperwork.

Either way, you will meet a veterinary technician who will ask for more details about your pet and their symptoms. Your pet will receive a brief exam and will wait for the vet if they’re stable enough. If your pet’s symptoms are severe, the vet will examine and address the issue right away, but you will have to wait a few minutes in most cases.

When should you go to the emergency vet?

If your pet has any severe symptoms or did something that will hurt them, it’s in your best interest to bring them to the emergency vet. The vet can act quickly to address the situation and develop the best plan for your pet.

Even if you think your pet will get better on their own, it’s best to play it safe. You never know when your pet may take a turn for the worst, so be mindful of how your pet is doing. Below are a few examples of when you should find your pet an emergency vet Edmonton service:

  • Your Pet is Bleeding
  • Your Pet Can’t Go to the Bathroom
  • Your Pet is Choking and Has Difficulty Breathing
  • Eye Injuries
  • Your Pet Ate Poison
  • Seizures
  • Broken Bones
  • Heat Stroke
  • Your Pet Has Severe Vomiting/Diarrhea
  • Your Pet is Unconscious

Do emergency vets cost more?

Although every vet varies in price, emergency vets do cost more than a standard vet. The price increase is due to the exceptional services, including the fees for evaluating and treating your pet. Emergency vets also have to maintain a lot of high-end and expensive equipment and medications.

Want to find out more about Emergency Vet Edmonton options?

If you require an emergency vet Edmonton clinic for your pet, call or visit Gateway Veterinary Centre.

Gateway Veterinary Centre is a locally owned veterinary clinic that provides the latest, independent, and fair advice regarding your pet’s needs. We are open seven days a week and are here for whatever your pet needs!

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