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Dog Dental Cleaning Cost in Edmonton

Dog dental cleaning cost is the primary reason why so many dog owners avoid cleaning their dog’s teeth. After all, there are many bills attached to raising any pet, so why worry about their teeth? The truth is, avoiding your dog’s dental care can lead to more bills, health issues, and a lower quality of life for your dog.

With this in mind, down below will take an in-depth look at dog dental costs. We’ll discuss the costs, if dogs need a dental cleaning, how often you should clean their teeth, cleaning tips, insurance questions, and much more. By the end, you’ll have a good idea about everything there is to know about dog dental cleaning costs. Let’s take a look!

Cost Of Dog Dental Cleaning

Dog dental cleaning has a wide range of prices like any other health treatment for your dog. Due to ABVMA regulations, you’ll need to fill out a form to view the prices for dog dental cleaning. However, this price doesn’t include any extra add-ons such as tooth extractions or gum disease treatment. These additional treatments may end up adding to the price of the vet visit cost.

Every vet varies with their prices, but understand there are much cheaper options than going to a vet. Dog cleaning products such as dog toothpaste, dental wipes, and dental chews can be as affordable as a few dollars. Developing a dog dental routine can keep their teeth looking fresh and lower the need to visit a dog dental cleaning service.

A professional dog dental cleaning visit will include the following:

● X-rays to assess the mouth, jaw, and tooth roots that are invisible to our eyes below the gumline.

● An examination of the dog’s teeth, gums, tongue cheeks, and roof of the mouth for any oral disease, injury, or infection.

● Teeth cleaning to remove tartar and plaque buildup with tools.

● Tooth polish that removes stains and discoloration to improve the appearance of your dog’s teeth.

● Use of anesthesia to evaluate the oral cavity and clean the dog’s teeth

Do Dogs Really Need Dental Cleaning?

Many dog owners don’t know the necessity to get their dog’s teeth cleaned. They may know to bring them to the vet whenever a mouth or teeth issue arises, but that’s the extent of it. After all, if your dog’s teeth have been fine for the last few months without cleaning, do you really need to worry about it?

The answer is yes. Think of your own teeth. Even if you don’t brush them for a few months and everything is fine, you will eventually develop issues from not brushing them. Like us, dogs foster tartar and plaque on their teeth. This tartar and plaque are due to food particles and bacteria, both devastating to their oral health.

Dog Dental Cleaning Cost in Edmonton

How Often Should Dogs Have Their Teeth Cleaned?

There are two primary schools of thought with how often dogs should have their teeth cleaned. First, dogs require oral exams, cleanings, and dental X-rays once a year. These check-ups operate similarly to when people go to the dentist for a quick clean-up and check.

The other school of thought has to do with cleaning their teeth at home. Some experts go as far as to say you should clean your dog’s teeth as often as twice a day. You don’t have to do it that much if you don’t want to, but make sure you clean their teeth at least twice a week.

How Can I Get Plaque Off My Dog’s Teeth?

Dental plaque is a common ailment most animals experience, including dogs. Plaque is defined as a sticky film that coats teeth and contains bacteria. Plaque is the leading cause of dog teeth issues, but there are ways to get plaque off your dog’s teeth besides bringing them to a dental cleaning expert. Below are a few tips to get plaque off their teeth:

● Clean their teeth with a toothbrush and dog toothpaste.

● Use dog dental wipes to keep their teeth white.

● Get dog chew toys to help rid plaque of their teeth.

● Feed your dog a high-quality, healthy diet to lower the risk of oral teeth issues.

Does Insurance cover dog Teeth Clean?

Pet insurance is a great way to save money on sudden vet bills. Most pet insurances work by reimbursing you for vet bills that are covered under the insurance. Most pet insurance plans repay you for mishaps and diseases. So, what about dog teeth cleaning? Does insurance cover it?

Since dog teeth cleaning is viewed as a standard dental service, teeth cleaning is typically not covered by pet insurance. Some pet insurance offers partial coverage, but it rarely covers the entire expense.

Dog Teeth Cleaning Options

Now that you know the importance of cleaning your dog’s teeth, you may want to know how you can clean their teeth. It’s vital to develop a tooth cleaning schedule, as already discussed. Be sure to reach out to their vet for what products can work best for your dog. Here is a quick list to be mindful of:

● Professional Dog Teeth Cleaner

● Dog Dental Wipes

● Dog Dental Chews

● Dog Toothpaste

Want to find out more about dog dental cleaning costs in Edmonton?

Call or visit Gateway Veterinary Centre, a locally owned veterinary clinic that provides the latest, independent, and fair advice regarding your pet’s needs. We are open seven days a week and are here for whatever your pet needs!

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