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Dog Activities Edmonton – Top 5 Fall Activities To Do With Your Dog In Edmonton

Dog Activities Edmonton - Top 5 Fall Activities To Do With Your Dog In Edmonton

Fall is one of the best times of the year, with the weather being just right to explore the outdoors and surrounding area with your dog. Edmonton is an incredible city in the fall, and this article will discuss our dog activities Edmonton guide. Our guide will highlight five fall activities to do with your dog in the city: dog parks, a corn maze, apple picking, and more.

Besides the five fall activities, we’ll also discuss a general FAQ related to the subject. We’ll go over where you can take your dog in Edmonton, mall and park rules, and off-leash dog parks. By the end, you’ll know what to do with your dog in the great city of Edmonton. Let’s take a look!

1. Dog Parks

A dog park is a park for dogs to explore and play in an environment under their owner’s supervision. It’s a controlled area where dogs can ly move, with every dog park varying what they offer. Most don’t require leashes, though some do if they’re in a busy part of town.

The parks are excellent for dogs because they can roam around, explore, play with other dogs, and fetch toys. Most dogs are social creatures and enjoy time with other canines. Hence, dog owners must bring their furry buddies to a dog park to have fun.

2. Dog Friendly-Breweries

As odd as it sounds, many dog-friendly breweries are in the city. You might wonder, “Dogs can’t drink; why would I bring them to a brewery?” It’s so you can enjoy a drink while having your dog out with you. Many breweries have dog bowls outside, so you have a beer while your dog hangs outside.

If you’re curious about what breweries are dog-friendly, check online. Most breweries advertise if they’re dog friendly and have a website of what you can expect from the establishment. If you can’t find an answer, consider contacting the brewery to see what’s up.

3. The Edmonton Corn Maze

The Edmonton Corn Maze is located southwest of the city and is perfect for dogs and families. The maze is 5km in size and allows people to navigate many twists and turns in a fun way. Dogs of all shapes and sizes love mazes because of the smells and curiosity of the general experience.

Some people rely on their dogs to help them get out, so consider bringing your puppy if you need some extra help. After you’ve completed the maze, you can check out the farm market, pedal carts, or hay bales. Dogs are welcome if they have a leash, so remember to bring one!

4. Apple Picking

Apple picking is a primary activity connected to fall. Most couples and families participate in apple picking every year, which makes sense why. It’s a fun activity and is perfect for exploring with loved ones, including your dog. You shouldn’t run into any issues if you keep your puppy on a leash. Still, double-check with the apple farm beforehand.

5. River Valley

The Edmonton River Valley is the largest urban park in Canada, with more than 160 km of maintained pathways and 20 major parks many of them off leash. A natural wonder for all Edmontonians and dog owners. There are many off leash dog friendly parks in the river valley such as Buena Vista, Rundle Park and Grand Trunk.


Where can I take my dog in Edmonton?

Edmonton is a great city for dogs. The best way to know where you can bring your dog is to look up dog-friendly before the subject you’re interested in. After that, you should get a list of everywhere you can bring your dog. Examples include:

  • Parks
  • Dog Parks
  • Apple Farms
  • Edmonton Corn Maze
  • Dog-Friendly Cafes
  • Dog-Friendly Breweries

Can I bring my dog to West Edmonton Mall?

Generally speaking, malls don’t allow clientele to bring dogs into their establishments. As great as dogs are, it poses a safety risk for the dog and people in the mall. West Edmonton Mall is no different, where dogs are only allowed if the dog is trained to assist people with disabilities. Don’t let it ruin your day since there are many other places to bring your dog.

Are dogs allowed at Fort Edmonton Park?

Fort Edmonton Park is a heritage park with recreated architecture from 1885, 1905, and 1920, plus a fort and streetcars. The tourist attraction is a fun experience, though its dog rules are similar to the West Edmonton Mall. No pets are allowed on-site except guide dogs, so don’t bring your furry buddy unless they’re a guide dog.

Are dogs allowed in Hawrelak Park, Edmonton?

Hawrelak Park is a beautiful Edmonton park with a five-hectare lake and open meadows. As gorgeous and open as the park is, dogs have to remain on a leash in the park. Consider having a longer leash for your puppy so they can roam around without being too close to where you walk.

Top Off Leash Dog Parks in the City

As great as it is to explore the city with your dog, sometimes it’s best to head to an area that allows your dog to walk ly. These areas are off-leash sites, ranging from parks to restaurants. In this case, below will feature a couple of dog parks, ravines, and a park where you can bring your dog without a leash (at least in some areas).

  • Terwillegar Dog Park
  • Buena Vista Dog Park
  • Patricia Ravine
  • Mill Creek Ravine
  • Dawson Park

Dog Activities Edmonton Conclusion

Any of these activities will enhance your dog’s life, so do what you can to ensure you have some time for your dog. No matter your dog’s personality, there’s a lot to do in Edmonton, so take some time over the next couple of months and go on an adventure! Your dog will love it, and you will have memories for years.

Nevertheless, to learn more about our dog activities Edmonton guide, contact us at Gateway Veterinary Centre. As an emergency vet clinic, we aim to serve Edmonton and the surrounding areas. We’re open 365 days a year and usually accept walk-ins. We look forward to hearing from you!

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