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Dental Cleaning

Dental disease is probably one of the most common diseases we encounter in any animal including our pets. Having good oral health is a very important part of overall health for any of our pets. Good oral hygiene will prevent pain and make their breath fresher. There is recent evidence to suggest that it does extend lifespan as well. 

How do I improve my pet’s dental hygiene?

  • Start by brushing your pet’s teeth. The younger the age when you first start, the better and easier it is. There are several online tutorials to help you with this, or ask us for consults.
  • Dental treats are helpful. Some may have a VOHC stamp, meaning they have been tested.
  •  Our favorite is dental diets, especially for cats and small dogs that we find are harder to brush. Have a look here at the online store for dental treat and foods.
  • Avoid bones, antlers, canvas balls. They can lead to teeth wear in the long run, and potentially teeth fractures/ chips etc, so we do not recommend.

If your pet has a foul breath or is in need of a dental cleaning, please book a dental consultation with us and we can evaluate your pet’s mouth and advise you accordingly. We do offer payment plans. Please get in touch if you need more advice regarding specific products etc. You can also ask your pet insurance provider about their dental coverage. 

Read more about the importance of dental cleaning and five powerful dog teeth cleaning hacks

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