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4213 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton AB

4213 Calgary Trail NW

Edmonton AB, T6J 5P4

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Your Local Vet Clinic and Animal Hospital

Tumor/Mass removal

Tumor Mass Removal in Pets Book A Free Consultation Our doctors routinely perform a wide variety of soft tissue surgeries! Our surgical suite equipped with surgical lighting, the safest anesthesia machines, surgical monitors, suction pumps, oxygen, and cautery. During each surgery, there is a dedicated technician who monitors your pet before, during, and after the […]

Emergency Surgeries

Emergency Vet Clinic

Emergency Surgeries In Pets If this is an emergency please call Gateway Vet Clinic and transport your pet as safely as possible Call us or your local veterinarian rather than attempting to seek or obtain advice online. If you are unable to talk to you family veterinarian, call your closest emergency hospital and clearly explain […]

Dental Cleaning

Pet Dental Cleaning Book A Free Consultation Professional Dental cleaning for dogs and cats done right. Gateway Veterinary Centre is a full-service canine and feline hospital in the heart of South Edmonton. Please call or text us below to schedule an appointment Call or Text (587) 557-2210 About Our Dental Cleaning Services Dental disease is probably […]