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Your Local Vet Clinic and Animal Hospital

X-Ray Services For Cats And Dogs

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X-Ray Services For Cats and Dogs We offer X-ray services for cats and dogs. We have ability to refer radiographs to a board certified radiologist if needed.  We are a locally owned, full-service canine and feline animal hospital and vet clinic on Gateway Blvd in Edmonton, Alberta. You can learn more about our team and reach us […]

 Endocrine Disease

Understanding Endocrine Disease in Pets CALL YEG VET TODAY Endocrinology is the part of veterinary medicine that determines and treats issues with your canine or feline’s endocrine organs. These organs discharge chemicals that control your pet’s inside organs. Problems can occur with your pet when these organs break down and produce an obscene amount of […]

Eye Exam and Testing

Pet Eye Exam and Testing Veterinary ophthalmology allows our staff to better diagnose and treat conditions of the eye including cataracts, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, uveitis, and glaucoma. They also provide treatment for traumatic eye injuries. As pets age, they can suffer from vision loss. If you notice any changes in your pet’s eye, or if […]

Blood and Urine Testing

Blood and Urine Testing Book A Free Consultation Diagnostic services are invaluable in both sick pets and as a part of the annual wellness program. When your pet is sick, we have a wide range of diagnostic tools readily available. We provide laboratory services, diagnostic imaging, and microscopy. Our team at Gateway Vet Centre recommends […]

Ultrasound in Pets

Ultrasound in Pets Call To Book Consultation We offer complete ultrasound examinations on a pre-booked appointment basis subject to availability. This is an important diagnostic tool to help us find a specific cause of an illness or injury. We can diagnoses bladder or urethral stones, bladder tumors, prostate disease (enlargement, abscesses, prostatitis, neoplasia), splenic disease […]

Nutritional Advice For Cats and Dogs

Nutritional Advice For Cats and Dogs With a wide variety of dietary options consult with a veterinarian at our office to discuss your pet’s individual nutrition and dietary needs. We offer sound nutritional advice for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. ​We are a locally-owned, full-service canine and feline animal hospital and vet clinic on Gateway […]

Pet Vaccinations Edmonton

During their nursing period, pets gain antibodies and nutrients from their mother’s milk, boosting their immunity. However, once weaned, their vulnerability to diseases increases due to the lack of maternal immune support. To counteract this, pet vaccinations play a crucial role in preventative health care, offering protection against several potentially fatal illnesses. Typically, pets begin […]